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entry lobby at
new montgomery high school
new gymnasium
new classroom building
entry gate, shade structure, parent center, entry landscape plan.
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We believe that a well designed product can always be delivered, even on a limited budget or schedule. We never forget that our projects are products tailored to the users’ needs.  The well-being and satisfaction of the client and user are our primary goals. 

Thoughtfully planned educational architecture is a key element of providing for the future of our society.  It is a noble mission and not to be compromised.  Good design is essential to maintain a stimulating and creative environment for the students and teachers.  All projects, no matter how modest, receive thorough design attention.  Each element of the project is an opportunity for creativity.

We are spending the public’s money.  It is entrusted to us and must be used prudently.  Good architectural design for education must, therefore, utilize materials that are not only beautiful but also permanent and sustainable.  We seek to provide exciting educational environments by careful design using materials designed to last within flexible spaces.  Our attention to detail, attention during the construction administration phase, and effort to keep costs low have resulted in change order rates of 2-5%.

We maintain a hands-on management style on our projects.  This means you will be meeting with the principal or job captain at all stages, from planning and design meetings to the construction job site.

Virtually all of our projects include elements supporting educational technology.  For example, our work has included provision or coordination of:

Network Operating Center--the backbone of District-wide data and communications
Technology training rooms
On-site servers
Data distribution to classrooms, administration, and support areas.
Integrated wireless technology
“Teaching walls” and digital “smart boards” in modernized classrooms

JRM Architecture specializes in educational facility modernization and new construction.  This has included extensive ADA upgrades, universal design upgrades, energy upgrades, and master planning.

Each project is unique, and the extents of the upgrades vary depending upon the needs of the school.  Following is an example list of services provided for past projects:

Master Planning/Project Planning/
New Facility Design:
Facility use studies
Faculty, staff, administration, and service needs assessment
Programmatic research for specialized spaces
Research and interpretation of state and local requirements for new facilities
Design criteria and performance requirements
Evaluating and documenting existing ADA conditions
Reviewing program and budget material
Reviewing existing as-built drawings
Studying and evaluating the existing site
Conducting interviews with key personnel of the district and school
Planning for phased development/multi-phased construction
Construction management staging planning for occupied sites
Paths of travel, emergency exiting and areas of refuge
Security and campus perimeter control

General Modernization:
Portable building addition and/or relocation
Utility modernization (such as sewer replacement)
Historical building considerations
Site upgrades, including play fields and sports facilities

ADA Planning/Design:
Parking, pedestrian access and student drop-off areas
Elevators, ramps and stairs
Accessible gates, entrances, and doors
Site and building signage
Restroom and kitchen fixtures
Classroom, library, and lab furniture and equipment
Drinking fountains
Fire alarms, strobes, and emergency monitoring systems

LEED Certified Consultants
Life-cycle cost analyses
Durable, long-life materials
Passive solar shading
Energy efficient windows
Natural daylighting and ventilation
Upgraded HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems
High efficiency equipment
Efficient irrigation and drought resistant landscaping
Artificial turf and permeable paving

Agency Project Review and Funding:
Meeting with DSA, state, county and city reviewing agents as necessary
Completing the DSA/State Certification process in a timely manner
Meeting with local public utility officials regarding infrastructure capacities
Meeting with local fire department officials and other agencies
Assistance with CDE and OPSC processing, including grant writing and educational specification development